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Name a star after a loved one with the Intergalactic Star Database.

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Name a star after a loved one with the Intergalactic Star Database. Picture

Name a star after a loved one with the Intergalactic Star Database.
The majority of stars are unnamed and distinguished only by a catalogue number. This touching gift gives you the opportunity to choose a name for one of these nameless stars.

Simply follow the star naming instructions enclosed, providing your details and your chosen star name.

You are also provided with the precise co-ordinates of the star so you can locate its position on the enclosed wall map. Please note: It is not possible to provide a map which displays your own star since there are millions of stars in our night sky. However, by following the instructions you will be able to identify the location of your star in relation to the constellations and other major stars.

An out of this world gift!

The 'Name a Star' Gift Pack contains:

What you get..

    * Introduction Letter
    * Personalised certificate with star name (complete the registration card to receive)
    * Star co-ordinates certificate (actual facts on your stars position)
    * Guide to astronomy starter pack
    * Night Sky book
    * Star Chart and Planisphere to locate you actual star in the night skyAfter registration you will receive...

    * An ornate certificate displaying your chosen star name. This is dispatched within 28 days of the registration details being received.

    Name a Star Gift Certificate:

    What you get..

      FAQs Can I call my star anything I choose?
      Yes, there are no restrictions with star name choice.

      How long does it take to receive my certificate? This depends on how you choose to register your star. If you register online you will receive your star confirmation certificate within 10 working days. If you register by post this time is increased to 28 days from when the form is received.

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